Our Team

We’re a break-the-mold group of passionate nonprofit communications consultants who spur action and advance justice in support of causes we care about. We are your strategic communicators, trusted advisors, and community builders—helping you center equity, elevate your story, and move your mission forward.

We’ve turned complicated topics into clear and compelling calls to action. We’ve guided major national campaigns that have led to sweeping improvements. We’ve led organizations through successful mergers and crisis situations. We excel at turning chaos into opportunity, and through it all, we serve as the calm in the storm.

carrie now headshot

Carrie Fox

Founder and CEO
Headshot of Bridget Pooley

Bridget Pooley

Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Deb Ferrin

Deb Ferrin

Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Jessica Hassanzadeh

Jessica Hassanzadeh

Managing Director
arron headshotArron Neal

Arron Neal

Senior Counselor
Nimra Haroon

Nimra Haroon

Senior Strategist
Headshot of Elena Hilton

Elena Hilton

Senior Strategist
headshot of May Robinson

May Medallada Robinson

Senior Strategist
Susan Rodriguez headshot

Susan Rodriguez

Rachel Weber Headshot

Rachel Weber

Kait Joplin Headshot

Kaitlynn Joplin

Sadie Lockhart headshot

Sadie Lockhart

Community Engagement Coordinator
Eleni Stamoulis

Eleni Stamoulis

Graphic Designer
Kaitlin Headshot

Kaitlin Quigley

Communications and Research Fellow
Anne Kerns headshot

Anne Kerns

Senior Designer
Susanne Pirone

Susanne Pirone

CSR Consultant
Joan Woods

Joan Woods

Expert in Residence, Development Communications
Melissa Delaney

Melissa DeLaney

Crisis Communications Consultant
Deanna Troust

Deanna Troust

PR Consultant
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