Cardboard protest sign reading What lessens one of us lessens all of us

In our recent community conversation we looked at recent examples of how design has subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) perpetuated stereotypes, prejudices, and racism. Design is all around us and we all participate in the system as either creators or consumers, by learning how to think more critically about design, we can challenge societal norms in our own work. 

Below is a list of resources, sources, and references we used in our presentation:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

H&M Controversy and “Monkey Racism” History 




Racist Figures


Diversity, Design, and Bias

Organizations working to increase representation: 

Stock Resources

  1. Black Illustrations
  3. Tetra Images (purchased Blend)
  4. Stocksy 
  5. Women in Tech
  6. UK Black Tech
  8. Create Her Stock
  10. Picnoi
  11. POC Stock
  12. Iwaria
  14. Eye for Ebony
  15. Panos
  16. Jump Story 
  17. Bouquet Stock Photography 
  18. The Gender Spectrum Collection by Vice   
  19. Libertipix
  20. Queer People in Tech 
  21. Body Diversity Photos
  22. Affect the Verb
  23. Creative Commons (Be aware of copyright issues, the need for model releases, etc. Always read and follow the end user license agreement)