Institutionally Underserved, Historically Resilient.

“We are not a ‘historically’ underserved population. My history is one of ancestors who survived so I could thrive. My history didn’t start with ‘western civilization.’ I am colonially underserved. I am institutionally underserved.…

Black History is More than A Month.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – former President Barack Obama   Although former President Obama first delivered…
US Capitol at Inauguration
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A Time Like No Other…Or Is It?

“As security fears gripped its capital and a global calamity continued to claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of its citizens, the United States prepared for a presidential inauguration unlike any in its history.” That sentence…
Two pairs of feed standing on concrete with words: Passion led us here.
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Mission Partners Receives 2021 Real Leaders Impact Award

We are honored to share that we were announced as one of Real Leaders' Top 150 Impact Companies of 2021.  This is an enormously special honor for us, as the award is typically reserved for much larger and more established companies. But…
Cardboard protest sign reading What lessens one of us lessens all of us

Promoting Equity Through Design

In our recent community conversation we looked at recent examples of how design has subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) perpetuated stereotypes, prejudices, and racism. Design is all around us and we all participate in the system as either…
Two men working in a coffee shop, smiling and laughing
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Using Business as a Force for Good

By: May Robinson, Mission Partners Director of Community Engagement Recording of "Using Business as a Force for Good"     Highlights from "Using Business as a Force for Good" On August 20th, we brought together our Managing…
Protester with a face mask holding sign that says "I'm Deaf But I Hear You #BLM"

Building Trust and Empathy in Communication

By: Amira Barre, Mission Partners Research and Engagement Coordinator Recording of "Building Trust and Empathy in Communication" Highlights from "Building Trust and Empathy in Communication" In our last community conversation on…
child walking into the waves on the beach

What I Know For Sure

But one thing’s for sure; some of the greatest innovations in history have come in moments of crisis. However we are seen post-COVID-19 will be defined by how we show up during COVID-19. As we near the fall, as schools scramble to determine feasible and safe solutions, as election officials determine how best to ensure we get out to vote, I am doubling down on three things: humanity, equity, and civility.
Professionals in conversation in board room

Where Ethics and Persuasion Meet

Every day it seems, as public relations practitioners, we are the ones who are our organizations’ dream killers. Often, our leadership thinks our only job is to convince donors, volunteers, constituents, or other stakeholders to donate, to volunteer, or to follow – through the messages and images we conjure up. But in real life, we walk a fine line between advocating for our organizations, their missions, visions, and values; and protecting and giving voice to our organizations’ audiences.
Cupped hands holding coins and paper that reads Make A Change
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The Economics of Inequality

By: May Robinson, Mission Partners Director of Community Engagement Recording of "The Economics of Inequality" Highlights from "The Economics of Inequality" In our last community conversation on race and humanity in the workplace,…