Accountability in Communications

Mid-way through every year, I take time to reflect on what the first half of the year has yielded. I consider what all has happened in the world around me, and what challenges and opportunities could be ahead.  There’s also one question…
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4 Tips for Effective Coalition Organizing — And Why It’s Worth It

If you have ever caught yourself thinking, “This would be faster and easier if I did it myself!” you’ve probably endured the growing pains of coalition development, organizing and management — or have struggled through at least one…
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Our Commitment to Racial Equity: A Progress Report

In July 2020, Mission Partners published a Race Equity Action Plan, a collection of our commitments and actions to advance racial equity within our business, our client work, and our world. Within that document, we stated that we would revisit…
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Standing with our Asian American Colleagues, Friends, and Family

Mission Partners is committed to the principles of racial justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are committed to understanding and acknowledging historical and ongoing racism. We are committed to challenging racism and white…
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Leaning into the Real Work of a Better Business Model

A few years back, shortly after receiving our B Corp Certification, a fellow business owner asked why we had gone through the process; knowing the investment of time it had required of our small team. “Why put yourself through that when…
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Institutionally Underserved, Historically Resilient.

“We are not a ‘historically’ underserved population. My history is one of ancestors who survived so I could thrive. My history didn’t start with ‘western civilization.’ I am colonially underserved. I am institutionally underserved.…

Black History is More than A Month.

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – former President Barack Obama   Although former President Obama first delivered…
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A Time Like No Other…Or Is It?

“As security fears gripped its capital and a global calamity continued to claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of its citizens, the United States prepared for a presidential inauguration unlike any in its history.” That sentence…
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Mission Partners Receives 2021 Real Leaders Impact Award

We are honored to share that we were announced as one of Real Leaders' Top 150 Impact Companies of 2021.  This is an enormously special honor for us, as the award is typically reserved for much larger and more established companies. But…
Cardboard protest sign reading What lessens one of us lessens all of us

Promoting Equity Through Design

In our recent community conversation we looked at recent examples of how design has subtly (and sometimes not-so-subtly) perpetuated stereotypes, prejudices, and racism. Design is all around us and we all participate in the system as either…