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A Time Like No Other…Or Is It?

Rally of people in Washington DC with American Flags. The Capital Building is in the distance

“As security fears gripped its capital and a global calamity continued to claim the lives of hundreds of thousands of its citizens, the United States prepared for a presidential inauguration unlike any in its history.”

That sentence could have been pulled right from today’s headlines, but it’s far from it.  The above excerpt was pulled from the pages of history, in an article about President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s inauguration, on January 20, 1945.

It’s important perspective as we enter this inauguration week, to remember that throughout history, there have always been clues and precedents to help guide us through today’s challenges. And while it may feel that there is nothing to compare to the time we’re now in, there are plenty of examples of good people, strong leaders, and collective communities coming together; pressing forward through even the darkest days.

Just as history is a guide, we should also be aware of the history that we’re making and living today. This week, history will not repeat itself, as it often does, but it will be disrupted, as Kamala Harris becomes our nation’s first female vice president and, as the daughter of Jamaican and Indian immigrants, also the first Black and first South Asian one. This is a moment to take pause, to watch carefully, and to know—in those moments that we are living history—that we too have an opportunity to be part of the story.

So much can be learned by the history of our distant past, and the history that we’re making in the moment. The question is: what will you take forward from this time?

This is what we will explore in our next season of the Mission Forward podcast, which returns on February 1.  We’ll dig into conversations with social impact thinkers, makers, and doers—from an ultra-endurance athlete to a futurist, a culture expert, authors, and social entrepreneurs—each who challenge norms, disrupt business as usual and use creative strategies to press forward. Our hope is that these conversations give you new energy and new ideas to press your own mission forward, too.

Until then, take a listen to this season’s trailer, or revisit some of our conversations from season one. Share those episodes with a friend, or simply forward this email to someone who is working to move from mission to impact in 2021.

With an open heart, and an eye on the future-

Carrie Fox