Mission Partners’ commitment to the J.E.D.I. principles of racial justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion—an understanding and acknowledgement of historical and ongoing racism and a commitment to actions challenging racism—is a core tenet of our work and is embedded in our structure, analysis, and policy development and processes.

Because of our commitment to anti-racist and equitable systems, we work strategically and collaboratively to:

  • Build a racial equity lens into our organization’s strategic planning, policy and priority setting process, and issue area strategy and implementation work
  • Build pathways to increase participation and leadership of Black and Brown people within our organizational structure
  • Eliminate adverse outcomes and barriers derived from the systems of oppression within our work and our communities
  • Actively challenge policies and systems that perpetuate racism, oppression, discrimination and inequities
  • Engage in and support the efforts of organizations led by Black and Brown owners and leaders, and strengthen our role as an effective partner to those organizations
  • Create an ongoing dialogue to explore key concepts including systemic and structural racism, white privilege, allyship, racial equity, and community partnership, especially in regard to the context of our issue areas.

It is our intent to hold ourselves accountable to these racial equity goals and actions and to continue to adhere to these values. Our Race Equity Action Plan, which we will revisit and refine quarterly, serves as our team’s accountability tool.