Standing with our Asian American Colleagues, Friends, and Family

Written text that reads "Standing with the Asian American Community Today and Every Day

Mission Partners is committed to the principles of racial justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We are committed to understanding and acknowledging historical and ongoing racism. We are committed to challenging racism and white supremacy when we see it—in our company and in our world.  

We are angry and heartbroken to have learned about the senseless shootings in Atlanta that ended the lives of eight people—six of whom were Asian. We actively stand with the Asian American community, which has been facing relentless violence and discrimination since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We condemn hate of all kindsincluding dangerous hate speech that spreads division and stokes violence. We stand in support with the individuals and communities that have been—and continue to be—targets of racial violence and discrimination. 

And, at the mid-point of a month in which we find opportunity to celebrate women and their accomplishments, we cannot ignore the fact that anti-Asian hate and violence disproportionately impacts women and that violence against women is fueled by racism and misogyny. According to Everytown, police departments in the 16 largest U.S. cities are reporting a nearly 150% increase in hate crimes targeting Asian Americans. And Stop AAPI Hate’s reporting indicates that more than 68% of anti-Asian incidents in the past year have been reported by women 

We know that our words alone will not suffice. Here’s how our team is taking action to support the Asian American community:  

  1. Pause. The victims of last week’s shooting were community members, parents, spouses, and friends. We take pause to read their stories and reflect on the lives ended by this brutal act of violence 
  2. Speak UpWe’ve added our names—as a company and as individuals—to stand with the Atlanta chapter of Asian Americans Advancing Justice in grief and solidarity against systemic racism and gender-based violence. Add your voice. 
  3. Donate. We’ve made contributions to the GoFundMe accounts of the family members who lost loved ones in last week’s senseless shootings. Contribute directly to the victims and their families. 
  4. LearnWhave an ongoing commitment to advancing conversationwith our team about showing up as allies for communities of color. In addition to team conversations, the following resources have been useful as we deepen our knowledge about the long history of racism in the United States and provide context for action: 

We reinforce our commitment to challenge racism and white supremacy wherever we see it—in our company and in our world—as we stand in solidarity with our Asian American colleagues, friends and all communities who have been the target of senseless racial violence and attacks.

Carrie Fox, Arron Neal, Bridget Pooley, Jessica Hassanzadeh