New York Foundling

A young Black girl playing with a brightly colored toy set with her adoptive parents in the background

Photo courtesy of The New York Foundling

For 150 years, The New York Foundling has trusted in the power and potential of people. While the Foundling’s history and legacy in the field are among its greatest assets, the Foundling knew its brand needed to be updated to showcase the Foundling’s evolving suite of services and better convey the organization’s transformational impact. The Foundling engaged Mission Partners to create new messaging for the organization, as well as rebuild and redesign the Foundling website. 

After conducting a comprehensive audit and peer set review to better understand audience perception, Mission Partners guided the Foundling through the process of establishing a messaging hierarchy, and created updated talking points and concise program descriptors for shared language among team members. Mission Partners then supported the Foundling through the creation of a comprehensive brand book and conducted a series of message training sessions to ensure all team members felt comfortable speaking on behalf of the organization. Lastly, Mission Partners worked in close coordination with the Foundling to completely overhaul their website, making it easy to navigate for the Founding’s many audiences.

With updated messaging and a new website, the Foundling is now well-positioned to work alongside their current and prospective clients and effectively share how their work impacts people’s lives.