Kelsey Wyatt

Loyola University Maryland junior, Kelsey Wyatt, is thrilled to join Mission Partners as one of the Social Impact Fellows. Wyatt is passionate about issues of housing and homelessness and gender and sexual violence, and she particularly focuses on the intersections of these injustices. She serves as the Service Coordinator for Our Daily Bread, Beans and Bread, and the Weinberg Housing and Resource Center at Loyola’s Center for Community Service and Justice, as well as the president for Take Back the Night.  Wyatt is a double major in Psychology and Political Science, with a minor in Gender and Sexuality Studies. After her undergraduate career, Wyatt hopes to serve for a second service term with AmeriCorps in Baltimore, before pursuing her J.D. and Masters in Public Policy.

Katie Quigley

Katie Quigley is a Fellow involved in the Social Impact Fellowship directed by Mission Partners. She is a freshman at Loyola University Maryland studying journalism and sociology. Katie is the news editor for Loyola’s newspaper, The Greyhound, and is also a member of LoyolaVotes!, an on-campus voting initiative advocating for more civic participation on behalf of Loyola’s student body. Additionally, Katie is a member of the Sister Cleophas Costello Focus Group, a team responsible for scheduling and promoting lectures from inspiring and empowering women on Loyola’s campus. Katie joins the Social Impact Fellowship to work toward solidified, lasting changes that aid in eliminating the social injustices and inequalities that affect our country and world today.  She hopes to strengthen her skills for dealing with inequity and work toward her career goals of reporting and writing about such issues.

Colin Ward

Colin Ward is excited to join Mission Partners as a Social Impact Fellow from Loyola University Maryland. With a highly developed background in social justice and a passion for helping others, Colin hopes to help Mission Partners bring about social change and collective awareness. Colin is currently pursuing a B.S. in Psychology while following a separate concentration in Marketing, and is heavily involved in student life on campus, most notably as the social media coordinator for SuperFans, a club focusing in promotion of athletic events on campus.

In the past, Colin has been apart of various groups, which include Saint Peter’s Prep Campus Ministry Team, Habitat for Humanity, and Dress for Success, a group that mission is to empower women and help provide them with professional attire to help them succeed in work and life. He excited to bring this experience to the Social Impact Fellowship and help make his community a better place.

Trevor Tormann

Trevor Tormann is from Allentown, Pennsylvania and is a  first-year student studying political science and economics. At home, he is a committee member of his parish’s volunteer organization, where he has the responsibility of directing fundraisers and coordinating efforts to increase youth involvement in charity and community events. On campus, he is a student leader for LoyolaVotes and an SGA Senator for the Class of 2022. Through SGA, he holds a position on the community outreach committee, where they are working on ways to positively engage with the  Baltimore community. Working with LoyolaVotes has fostered his dedication to the importance of civic engagement and has inspired him to continue working to raise voter registration and political engagement on campus and our surrounding communities. He looks forward to harnessing his previous experiences into his work with Mission Partners and Loyola’s Social Impact Fellowship. Social justice and community development have always been fundamental to his life. He is excited to further his understanding and utilize his developed experiences and skills to positively impact the lives of people around him.

Andrya Robinson

Following in the footsteps of two strong-willed parents who put forth everything to raise a tenacious and astute daughter, Andrya Robinson knew that she was put on this earth for a reason, for change. Being a Girl Scout for 12 years and achieving the bronze, silver and gold award at a young age, Andrya knew she had a love for selecting prime issues within her community and finding distinct yet straightforward solutions to be put to the test. After one year of college, Andrya realized that opportunities surrounded her daily and with those opportunities came worldly changes.  Now a sophomore, Andrya was offered the opportunity to partake in a Social Impact Fellowship, that allows her to not only solve communal issues but build relationships with twelve other fellows to make an outstanding difference on campus and the Baltimore community that surrounds us. As a Biology Major and Writing Interdisciplinary major on a pre-vet track with the ambition to become a veterinarian, this fellowship will allow Andrya to not only push the boundaries of what is expected of her but to take away key aspects of this fellowship that will prepare her for her promising future.

Andrea Ramirez Centeno

Andrea Ramirez Centeno is a sophomore in the Honors Sellinger S.J. School of Business at Loyola University Maryland. She is an intern at Strong City Baltimore in the Community Wealth Building branch and focuses her efforts on enhancing Baltimore’s economy through events and campaigns directed toward brining Baltimoreans, regional and national corporations to consume local products from the city’s makers, businesses and restaurants. One of the city-wide events she organizes is for Made-In-Baltimore, a group of 60 businesses with hundreds of products in stock and the goal of helping them reach new audiences so they can grow and hire. Andrea is a highly motivated student who continues to seek the knowledge and abilities to not only succeed in the workforce but also in the community as well. Through her ambition and determination, Andrea continues to seek knowledge through exposure to the business and economic sphere around her to eventually, not only achieve her dreams but also, those of the people around her.

Shane McHugh

Shane McHugh is a freshman at Loyola. Shane grew up in Bensalem, Pennsylvania (next to Philadelphia). He was a four-year varsity debater and a intern on a local state senate race. He applied for the Social Impact Fellowship Program because he wants to help his neighbors in Baltimore. His debate career consisted of debating numerous topics involving the struggles of American cities. He wants to apply some of that knowledge into making a better world. The program extensively talks about and strives to understand Baltimore’s biggest obstacles. Matthew Desmond’s book, Evicted , opened his eyes to many of issues of inequity. Mr. Desmond explains that he does not think one approach can work for every city. It requires organizations, like the Social Impact Fellowship Program, to analyze what Baltimore specifically needs to improve its city. The book showed him why diversity of opinion and teamwork is so essential. It only made him more eager to join the program.

Christina Kingsley

Christina Kingsley is currently a senior student at Loyola University Maryland majoring in both Biology and Sociology. She is interested in going to dental school and earning a Master’s degree in public health. She is very interested in healthcare disparities between different socioeconomic groups, and one day hopes to influence policy decisions that would help mediate issues for those with unequal healthcare access. Through her experience in the Social Impact Fellowship with Mission Partners, she hopes to be able to begin her journey in influencing social change, and to grow and learn with her peers.

Sydnie Edwards

Sydnie Edwards was raised as a determined, young thinker from birth who wanted to make her impact on the world around her. Knowing involvement in things outside of school work were the keys to success, Sydnie did almost everything. Once she got to college, she shed that overachiever attitude and went towards things that were more meaningful and not something to just put on her resume. Faced with the Social Impact Fellowship, she realized this was the something she was always looking for. This will be the stepping stool for the business career that she wants and this will make the difference of her being a business executive and the top business executive. Being a social impact fellow will allow Sydnie to have all the tools she needs to not only succeed in the business world but in real life as well. Sydnie is a fellow because she believes the ideologies behind this fellowship cannot be taught in a classroom because the magnitude of what is being taught can’t be summarized into PowerPoint slides.

Ryan Brooks

Ryan Brooks is a freshman at Loyola University Maryland. He graduated from New Hartford High School located in New Hartford, NY. While in high school, he was involved in all parts of student life. He played three sports, cross country in the fall, indoor track in the winter, and baseball in the spring. He played violin in the school orchestra and tenor saxophone in the school band. Ryan  decided to continue his education at Loyola University Maryland with the goal of getting a degree in political science with a specific concentration in constitutional law. He continues to stay involved in college as well, working a job as a caller at Phonathon as well as volunteering at Alumni Memorial Chapel as a lector and at Don Miller House. He is very enthusiastic about being a Social Impact Fellow because he has the goal of becoming a public servant in some level of government. After hearing the harsh rhetoric from many of our public officials of recent years, this country needs people who are going to put an end to hostility and instead unify people of all ages, races, religions, and creeds. He wants to be one of those people who help to bring that change about. Ryan feels that participating in this fellowship will help  to him better understand different ways of life and ultimately help build skills that are necessary to achieve one of his future goals-to bring people together and unify a population which seems to currently be bitterly divided.