Episode 302: When Equal is Not Equitable with Linda Villarosa

Linda Villarosa on Mission Forward Podcast

Linda Villarosa is a brilliant storyteller. In addition to her work as a journalist, author, editor, and educator, she’s a New York Times Magazine contributing writer where she covers race, inequality and health. You may have come across her 2018 cover story for the magazine titled ‘Why America’s Black mothers and babies are in a life or death crisis,’ which was nominated for a national magazine award.

It was that article that first prompted us to reach out with Linda to participate in a Mission Forward. She returns to us today because of a story she recently published called ‘Black Lives are Shorter in Chicago: My family’s history shows why.’ Reading that story, a very personal account of her own family’s journey through Chicago transports the reader through time, while reinforcing some of the most essential public health issues of our time.

As you’ll hear in this episode, this country has turned an important corner on the fight against COVID, a fight to return some semblance of life as we once knew it, with an approach of equality. But we do not suffer, nor do we heal equally. This is a fight which must be waged equitably, acknowledging the decidedly unequal contributions to our collective suffering shouldered by Black and Brown people in this country.

Linda Villarosa is uniquely experienced to help Carrie Fox and Natalie S. Burke navigate this conversation, confronting just how far our public health system has to go on issues of equity and inclusivity.

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