Tina Rosenberg on Mission Forward Podcast

“Journalist interested in what works and why.” So reads the Twitter bio of this week’s guest, Tina Rosenberg. She is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, in fact. She is a co-writer of the New York Times Fixes column which, according to the masthead, “examines solutions to social problems and why they work,” and she is a co-founder and VP for Innovation at Solutions Journalism Network.

It is through this last initiative that she thoroughly shares her passion for rigorous reporting, educating future journalists, and reclaiming the news as an agent of public good.

“America is actually not that polarized,” says Rosenberg. “We think we’re a lot more polarized than we are because the media just shows the extremes on both sides. And I think that’s had a big effect on turning what should be a straightforward public health issue into a political issue.”

How heavily should the media shoulder the responsibility of the erosion of trust in journalism itself as an industry of fact and truth? How significant is the block toward our efforts to heal?

Tina has taken broad steps to change perception of the public in her field. She joins us this week to share her work, and to help us better understand how we can follow in her footsteps in building a healthy foundation of trust in journalism’s future.

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