Election SOS


Project Scope

  • Campaign Development + Activation
  • Design + Creative


Going into the November 2020 election, many civic and election officials and experts were sounding the alarm of all the potential threats that might interfere with a free, fair, and safe election. This was an election cycle unlike any other the United States had seen, and journalists would be under immense pressure to get unbiased, accurate reporting to an anxious public. Election SOS was formed because it became evident that many journalists, whose newsrooms have been stretched even thinner during the COVID-19 crisis, were unprepared to deal with the threats of political violence, misinformation, and voter suppression. Election SOS elevated tools and resources for journalists, including research, information, and access to experts, so that newsrooms could equitably report on the election, elevate issues from a range of political viewpoints, and help audiences understand and process the news. To reach these journalists and support them in responding to critical information needs, Election SOS called on Mission Partners to amplify the resources through focused messaging and a digital ad campaign.


  • Mission Partners developed copy for digital, web, mobile, and social media ads and designing the accompanying visuals. 
  • The ads were deployed in a paid targeted campaign, with a heavy final push close to and following Election Day. The ads directed key audiences to the expert database on the Election SOS website along with pointing people to sign up for the Election SOS newsletter.


  • Through the length of the campaign, display ads saw over 1 million impressions and LinkedIn ads saw over 189,000 impressions
  • Website Traffic from campaign advertising resulted in the highest source of overall traffic on the Election SOS website
  • The ad campaign helped reach busy journalists with the resources they needed, no matter if they worked for a large organization or a smaller, community-based organization

mock up of election sos digital ads of various sizes