CHC: Creating Healthier Communities


Project Scope

  • Message + Brand Development
  • Design + Creative


CHC: Creating Healthier Communities, formerly known as Community Health Charities, has long been a respected leader when it comes to bringing communities, nonprofits, and businesses together around a shared commitment to better health and wellbeing. Over the last few years, CHC has been in a state of rapid growth and evolution, but its brand and messaging had not kept up.  To elevate its new strategic focus and areas of growth, CHC needed a shift in name, a new mark, and a new brand story. 

The organization engaged Mission Partners to assess the current brand messages, ensure that the organization’s commitment to equity and inclusivity was showing up authentically in communications, and to refresh and roll out the brand with community participation and excitement.


  • Mission Partners began by conducting a comprehensive brand audit and in-depth interviews and focus groups with CHC’s key internal and external stakeholders to determine how the brand was perceived.
  • Using the research findings, we developed a strategic message framework that centered equity, and helped CHC clearly articulate the organization’s program offerings and visual brand.
  • To share the updated visual brand and new messaging to key stakeholders, Mission Partners built a communications action plan and template language for CHC to utilize in a coordinated brand announcement.
  • A robust brand book that included both inclusive language and visual guidelines was created to ensure consistency across the organization


By clearly articulating CHC’s growth and rebrand to key stakeholders—and involving them in the process—partners were better able to understand the full range of customizable programs that CHC offers and the value added, and they felt ever more committed to the mission, given the new intentional focus on health equity. Partners acknowledged a deep appreciation for the process, especially CHC’s commitment to listening to its community rather than prescribing a solution. Board and staff reported high levels of energy about the new process, and stakeholders were overwhelmingly positive about the new brand experience.

To learn more about how we introduced the new brand, read this blog by Thomas G. Bognanno, President and CEO of CHC: Creating Healthier Communities

Mock up of CHC about us fact sheet

page selections from the new CHC brand book
mock up of the new CHC powerpoint template