Episode 304: Philanthropy’s Power Problem with JustFund’s Iara Peng

Getting resources to organizations truly doing front line work involves challenging entrenched ideologies and engaging leadership often marginalized in philanthropy: people of color. And so it is a group of funders and organizers of color who founded the organization, those who know best how to poke at philanthropy's power problem. One of the leaders of this charge is our guest today: Iara Peng, founder and CEO of JustFund.
Tina Rosenberg on Mission Forward Podcast

Episode 303: Reclaiming News as a Public Good

Through Solutions Journalism Network, Tina Rosenberg thoroughly shares her passion for rigorous reporting, educating future journalists, and reclaiming the news as an agent of public good. She joins us today to talk about the media, and its role in healing.

Season Three • The Future of Health

This season, we'll be looking at the state of our collective health in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. What will it take to bring us back together? What have we learned, and what have we lost? Stay tuned for our first episode in early May.
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Episode 209: Anti-Racism Work + Commitments: A Mission Forward Business Leaders Roundtable

A few weeks back, we reached out to a group of CEOs and business leaders with a very big request: join Carrie and Alex Orfinger of the Washington Business Journal for an honest, on-the-record, uncomfortable conversation about the anti-racist commitments and statements we have made over the last twelve months, and assess our progress against those commitments. In our season two finale, we bring you that conversation.
Cover image for Episode 209 Mission Forward Podcast: Close up of Woman's face with text reading Culture School with Amira El-Gawly

Episode 208: Culture School with Amira El Gawly

Amira El-Gawly believes love is making a comeback at work, and she should know: she’s spent the better part of her career with a keen eye on her people, their relationships, and what leads to better results. This week she shares the hard work of bringing people together.
Episode 207 Mission Forward Podcast: Close up of Woman's face with text reading Equity Through Action with C. Marie Taylor

Episode 207: Equity Through Action with C.Marie Taylor

C.Marie Taylor’s company is Equity Through Action and through that organization, she leads leaders through active coaching, equity training, leadership development and recruitment focused on building equity into the very fabric of those with whom she works.
Episode 208 Mission Forward Podcast: Close up of Woman's face with text reading Ultra Endurance with Marisa Forti

Episode 206: Ultra Endurance with Marisa Forti

Marisa Forti’s entire career is based on pressing through obstacles for herself, and with those she trains. She uses the science of movement and the human body to set audacious goals and help her clients crush them. While the work Marisa does is at the elite level, we hope you take away a few key lessons from this episode.
Episode 205 Mission Forward Podcast: Close up of Man's face with text reading The Future of Gathering with Corey Briscoe

Episode 205: The Future of Gathering with Corey Briscoe

Our guest today is a testament to that. Corey Briscoe serves as managing partner and chief operating officer for ABCD and Company. Their work is rooted in “event planning,” which might be true in practice, but in spirit it serves to minimize so much of the hard work of change Corey and his team have lead in the last year as their world shifted.
Episode 204 Mission Forward Podcast: Close up of Woman's face with text reading Food for All with Jackie Decarlo

Episode 204: Food for All with Jackie DeCarlo

Jackie DeCarlo’s leadership is a model of adaptability. The COVID-19 crisis called on skills beyond those of daily operations. This week on the show, she joins us from the Manna Food Center administrative offices in Silver Spring, Maryland, to share the leadership lessons that helped her continue to press the organization forward.
Episode 203 Mission Forward Podcast: Close up of man's face with text reading From Real Time to Future Focus with Eric Meade

Episode 203: From Real-Time to Future Focus: A Conversation with Futurist Eric Meade

Eric Meade is an award-winning author of two books (Reframing Poverty and Whole Mind Facilitation) and a nationally recognized facilitator who "stands outside of time" to help groups see their current issues in a longer-term perspective. This week, we reflect on history, how living in this time feels, and we touch on how the past can help prepare us for the future.