Narrative Change

On November 16, 2018, Mission Forward® hosted an educational Fall gathering called Narrative Change which included a community lunch conversation + program which centered stories of immigration and people’s lives in the United States. 

We heard from local youth leaders, award-winning journalists and various members of the community who brought necessary perspectives to some of the most prominent social justice issues of our time.

Participants were challenged to listen beyond their own social circles to hear from people who are not often heard in the mainstream. They were also encouraged to converse with other participants to learn firsthand from people in the community.

Making connections with strangers at a personal level. Talking allows us to find common ground. I am working on two grant opportunities around community dialogue. This conference will help to shape that work.”

Mission Forward: Narrative Change participant 

This event was presented in partnership with Montgomery College, the Greater Washington Community Foundation, and Bethesda Magazine

See more photos from the event.

Two women talking on stage
Carrie Fox interviews award winning journalist Valeria Fernandez.

Event Agenda

11:20 am | Registration

AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center

11:45 am | Community Lunch

Hosted by La Malinche Restaurant

1:10 pm | Welcoming Remarks

AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center

1:20 pm | Chapter 1: On The People in Between

An interview with American Mosaic Journalism Prize winner Valeria Fernandez

1:45 pm | First Person Point of View

A moderated conversation with several community residents about their American experience

2:30 pm | Chapter 2: On The American Experience

A group discussion with American University Professor, Author and CBS Political Commentator

Leonard Steinhorn and Mauricio Lim Miller, Mexican-American social entrepreneur and author

3:00 pm | Chapter 3: On Power

A call to action with Anand Giridharadas, author of the new book Winners Take All

3:45 pm | Community Conversation and Reception

A closing community-building activity