At Mission Partners, we know that good intentions without action are just that—intentions. But with the right partners by your side, good intentions lead to transformational impact. That’s why we’ve bundled some of our most popular strategic planning and communications services to support you in driving your mission forward in 2020, including:

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Strategic Planning

Mission Partners’ strategic planning offerings are as hands-on and in-depth as your organization requires. Whether your organization has a new leader, is undergoing major transition, or preparing itself for the future, Mission Partners can be your trusted thought and implementation partner. Each strategic planning package can be further customized to meet the needs of your organization. Packages start at $10,000.

Communications Audits

Mission Partners’ signature communications audits and landscape research provide in-depth access to the  information an organization needs to fully understand how its brand is perceived among target audiences. Using a carefully selected set of research vehicles, we’ll help you identify your brand’s greatest strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats and we’ll offer clear and practical recommendations to advance your brand story in the year ahead. Packages start at $5,000.

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The New Leader’s 120 Day Strategy

A new leader’s first three months on the job are critical for long-term success. We’ll kick off our work together with a half-day strategy intensive to understand your role and objectives for the future. Following the session, Mission Partners will develop a 120-day strategy plan to keep your leadership priorities on task or add value to a Board presentation. During the weekly or twice-monthly sessions that follow, you can expect to generate new ideas, workshop solutions to your trickiest problems, and strategize identifying achievable outcomes and driving board and team buy in. Packages start at $3,000.

Visioneering Sessions and Design Thinking Days

At Mission Partners, we believe the best solutions begin with a clear picture of the end result in mind. Our visioneering sessions help teams and organizations explore where they are against their envisioned future, and offers a structured yet creative process for mapping key actions to support mission advancement.  To crystallize your organization’s vision for impact, we offer three distinct packages to bring your team together over shared goals, to set a bold vision for the future, and to center equity and justice in your work. Packages start at $5,000.

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Social Media for Nonprofits

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your digital strategy, uncover new best practices or prepare for a big campaign or event, the strategies presented in our workshop tie directly back to your business goals. Packages start at $2,500.

Message Delivery and Presentation Training

You have a message that must get out and a moment you must get right. Whether you’re entering into a great season of change for your organization, you’re closing in on a major announcement, or you need to build a team of effective and consistent spokespeople, our message development, storytelling, and presentation workshops can help you get there. Packages start at $2,500.

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