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We are proud to partner with the Center for Nonprofit Advancement on a 2017 Communications Series. The three-part series is designed to refresh and improve communications skills for nonprofit executives and emerging nonprofit leaders. Each session will focus on a related element of storytelling, from message development to public speaking skills to op-ed strategy. Dates for the series are being finalized, but descriptions of each session can be found below.

Shaping Messages That Spur Action

DATE: January 27, 2017

Organizational leaders realize that to effect mission-moving change, they must be able to communicate their vision and values so that others can embrace them, then feel compelled to act. Yet, one of the most common communications challenges for nonprofit leaders—and by extension their teams and board members— is articulating why their mission matters.

In this session, Carrie Fox and Bethany Hardy will run the audience through a series of thought-provoking exercises designed to help distill an organization’s “why” in a way that inspires others to act.

Public Speaking Like an Expert

DATE: February 10, 2017

When Martin Luther King Jr. was preparing to deliver his “I Have a Dream” speech in 1963, those now famous words weren’t even in his written script. They were ad-libbed in the moment, turning a few minute speech into an historic, 16-minute address. In preparing to deliver public remarks, many leaders believe that the key to success is practice and preparation. And in many ways they’re right. But that’s not actually where success lies. It’s the message that can be delivered in between the formal lines of a script—that gift of improvisation—that can be most compelling.

In this session, you will learn the same presentation secrets used by some of the nation’s most admired public figures, and walk away ready to confidently tackle your next public speaking engagement.

The Art of Op-Ed Writing

DATE: March 3, 2017

At C.Fox, we believe that delivering a compelling argument involves three key ingredients.  Messengers must speak with credibility (subject matter expertise), authority (a position of influence) and persuasiveness (the ability to sway a point of view). Leveraging this formula successfully to place opinion-editorials (op-eds) can be one of the most powerful tools in your communications arsenal.

This session will walk participants through the basic framework of how to set up a compelling op-ed, and guide each participant through the development of their own commentary. Following the session, we will remain available to each participant for up to one hour of focused editing time to support participants in preparing their commentary for submission.

Cost to attend:
$895 for Center for Nonprofit Advancement Members
$1,195 for All Others

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