While centering justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (J.E.D.I.) within your work is important, the way you communicate about your commitment to J.E.D.I. work is even more important. Communication has the power to either boost your internal team’s morale or diminish productivity and engagement, as well as strengthen client and partner relationships or weaken them. You must challenge the way you talk to and interact with everyone from your employees to your clients and partners.

About The Course

Communicating for Change is a two-day course designed to provide you and your team with the skills and strategies to plan and execute persuasive and equitable messaging tactics that positively impact your organization and the communities within which you work through both interpersonal and marketing communications. Through racial equity and design-thinking lenses, this course will strengthen your team’s ability to drive meaningful action and positive change.

At Mission Partners, we believe working toward an antiracist workplace is a lifelong journey. This journey requires us to first address the historic oppression rooted in our country’s systems, challenge our stereotypes, and build a toolbox of inclusive and equitable communication skills.

You can advance your existing racial equity practice by completing this course, which includes the following four parts:

  • Understanding Race and Racism: A refresher on the history of systemic and structural racism in the United States
  • Analyzing Race and Mass Communication: A deeper look at the responsibility of mass communicators in influencing societal views on race
  • Identifying White Supremacy Culture in Communication Styles: An analysis of white supremacy culture and how it impacts effective interpersonal communication
  • Building Inclusive and Equitable Communications through Design Thinking: Put theory into practice with next steps to strengthen your marketing and communications

The course is facilitated virtually over the course of two days and is intended to be customized slightly for each organization. This curriculum is designed to be delivered to existing teams or groups, not open workshop style.

What You’ll Takeaway

By the end of this course, your team will have the knowledge, skills, and tools to:

  • Develop a shared language and foundation of the historical context of race and racism and its implications today in our society and organization;
  • Expand critical skills when analyzing and developing communications and develop a greater ability to participate in constructive dialogues over the relationship between the media, race, and ethnicity in the U.S.;
  • Identify racial bias in internal and external organizational communications practices and create strategies to improve equity accountability across these communications; and
  • Plan, create, and deliver equitable and inclusive messaging strategies that create change in the world.

Register Now

At Mission Partners, we don’t believe we should profit from racial equity work, so we are offering this course at a significantly reduced rate from our normal training rates. Please contact Director of Community Engagement May Robinson at may@mission.partners if you would like more information, or sign up for the waiting list here.