Season Three • The Future of Health

Humans are compelled to be together. It is the most basic and essential element needed for our survival, our future, and our health as a society. COVID-19 changed how we are together. What has this time done for who we are, how we work, what we value, and what we believe to be true?
In season three of Mission Forward, we’re exploring the state of our collective health in the wake of the pandemic and what’s necessary to bring us back together. We talk with experts, truth-tellers, and firebrands who work and move among us to see what lies at the intersections of identity, value, and power. This season, host Carrie Fox welcomes Natalie S. Burke, president of Common Health Action, public health expert, and equity evangelist as co-host to explore how people, communities, and entire sectors are rewriting what being in relationship looks like.