At Mission Partners, we take seriously our commitment to building a just and equitable world. For nearly 20 years, our leadership team has been building tools, sharing resources, and guiding organizations to act on their big, audacious ideas for social impact. We’ve focused most of our work to date on a singular audience: purpose-driven professionals.

But that’s about to change.

In early 2020, we expanded our company to include Mission Partners Press, a new publishing division which develops educational resources that engage global citizens of every age in social change.

The first book of Mission Partners Press, Adventures in Kindness, will be released in early May 2020.

Adventures in Kindness is intentionally designed for a young audience. Written by a kid and her mom for kids and their families, Adventures in Kindness is a practical resource for building a better world- with big ideas, little ideas, and everything-in-between ideas. Its complementary web platform, fosters a spirit of positivity, kindness, curiosity, and empathy with meaningful activities that lead to positive outcomes. 

The 170-page action/adventure book includes 52 color-coded adventures that kids and their families can take on to support their communities, their schools, their minds, and more. 

While Mission Partners Press is not actively accepting outside submissions, we welcome inquiries and are always up for hearing a good idea. 

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