Amira El-Gawly believes love is making a comeback at work.

That’s a pretty heady statement, and one you might be tempted to dismiss. What’s love got to do with work? you might say. We’re about engagement and KPIs and customer data you might say. Here’s the thing: Amira El-Gawly co-founded her first company at 27 and across the arc of her myriad careers — journalist, marketer, designer, speechwriter, operations executive — she has focused a keen eye on her people, their relationships, and what leads to better results.

As it turns out, work has changed. Our people have different expectations of one another and their leaders today than they did five years ago, and the last twelve months has only accelerated the trend. Her firm, Manifesta, specializes in helping organizations unleash potential through the relationships and experiences of their people. Collaboration across the workforce thus becomes an exercise in “alignment, joy, and humanity.” Today, as Amira says, “investing in people is investing in performance.”

This week on the show, we’re talking about the nature of work, how work has changed in the last twelve months, and how those expectations of stronger, richer relationships can bring more love back to the workplace. People who love their work, and love the people they work with, love succeeding together.

Thanks to Amira El-Gawly for her participation in the show this week. She’s an aspirational figure and a dear friend of Mission Forward.

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