Episode 207: Equity Through Action with C.Marie Taylor

C.Marie Taylor is a role model and a mentor. We have to get that out of the way right up front because this is one of those conversations that makes us proud; proud of our place in history that allows us to watch people such as her evolve as thought leaders and mentors far beyond us, our community, but to business and leaders around the country.

Her new company is Equity Through Action and through that organization, C.Marie leads leaders through active coaching, equity training, leadership development and recruitment focused on building equity into the very fabric of those with whom she works.

Talking with her this week, Equity Through Action seems to have been an inevitability. At the same time, it is an artifact of our pandemic; a vessel through which she was able to accelerate her work as an advocate and leader at a time so many businesses have been forced to look inward and see themselves and their organizations in truth for the very first time.

We’re honored to have C.Marie Taylor with us on the show today to help us understand what an equity engagement looks like, and how others can raise the bar in their own efforts for change.

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