Marisa Forti is an ultra endurance athlete, entrepreneur, fitness and wellness coach, and certified FST trainer. She’s a two-time Ironman, along with having many marathons and long-distance bike rides in her rearview. She has traveled the country working with everyone from weekend warriors to professional athletes across the NFL, NBA, PGA, Olympic training program, right alongside musicians and television personalities.

Her entire career is based on pressing through obstacles for herself, and with those she trains. She uses the science of movement and the human body to set audacious goals and help her clients crush them. While the work Marisa does is at the elite level, we hope you take away a few key lessons from this episode.

First, the journey is everything. Facing down obstacles is principally an exercise in perseverance and patience. Just keep swimming, so to speak.

Second, inspiration might be closer to you than you think. Case in point: Marisa Forti happens to be our own Carrie Fox’s sister.

There is much we can learn from the mindset of athletes and their trainers that applies directly to our efforts to press forward our initiatives elsewhere. Our obstacles are obstacles up to the point that we overcome them, and no further. We hope you enjoy this conversation with our own powerful Marisa Forti.

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