Project Scope

  • Campaign Development + Activation
  • Design + Creative


For years, the state of Delaware has been experiencing a concerningly small technology talent pipeline,with thousands of tech sector jobs regularly being filled from outside of the state’s borders. Delaware-based recruiters were desperately seeking mid- to high-skill workers based in state to fill those tech-centric positions, but the competition for a limited supply of qualified candidates was fierce. The emerging fintech industry within the state was creating even more demand and opportunities. To bolster Delaware’s economy and workforce, a robust pipeline of talent needed to be built. TechImpact, a Delaware-based nonprofit that specializes in training tech talent and helping other nonprofits utilize tech to achieve their missions, recognized this growing need within the state and wanted to drive awareness and offer steps toward solutions. Mission Partners worked alongside TechImpact to develop an issue brief that spoke to the economic development opportunity in Delaware, specific to building a tech talent pipeline to help fill the growing demand by employers. 


  • We began by conducting extensive research, including in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, about the opportunities and gaps in Delaware’s workforce.
  • Mission Partners developed an issue brief entitled Delaware Thriving, which explored market demands and opportunities for growing a thriving technology sector in Delaware.
  • Mission Partners secured a partnership and sponsorship for TechImpact at a Delaware State Chamber of Commerce event. The event served as a release platform for the issue brief.
  • We then launched a media and social media campaign to promote the issue brief and TechImpact’s role in Delaware.


  • TechImpact was positioned as a thought leader and expert on retaining and growing technology workforce talent within Delaware. 
  • The promotional campaign procured 700,000 social media impressions and 200 million media impressions, amplifying the issue brief and TechImpact’s role as a thought leader in Delaware.
  • TechImpact formed new relationships with Industry Councils and potential supporters

TechImpact report cover

TechImpact report inside view
TechImpact report inside view