Team IMPACT is an organization that matches chronically ill youth with college athletic teams for friendship, mentoring and inspiration. In September 2016, five years into the organization’s life, Team IMPACT found themselves in a “breakout” moment- feeling ready to solidify who they are and who they can be as an organization, versus who they were in their infancy. What started as a singular commitment to improving the quality of life for sick children had expanded to a model that offers real and lasting value to athletes and athletic communities. The organization’s new CEO, Seth Rosenzweig, needed help capturing the opportunity and translating it into one that resonated with stakeholders and paved a path for future growth. Team IMPACT hired Mission Partners to support the development of a strategic plan – including defining a new Mission and Vision, conducting perception research, defining a set of SMART goals, and fleshing out a 3-5-year strategic plan that will guide the organization’s activities and messages into the future. During Phase 1 of the project, Carrie and Carolyn conducted market research through IDI’s (In-Depth Interviews) and identified the key differentiators from other similar organizations in the marketplace so that Team IMPACT was positioned to lead with its unique assets. We led the staff in a planning exercise that identified a critical, unmet need – to develop and implement a Theory of Change for the delivery of a complex set of services, with an outside evaluator. With its model codified, Mission Partners was brought back for Phase 2 of the engagement, kicking off by facilitating a strategic planning retreat that yielded five key strategic initiatives that will propel Team IMPACT forward. As we finish Phase 2 of the process, Carolyn and Carrie are leading the team in fleshing out the key actions within the strategic plan that the organization will undertake in the next 3 years, putting meat on the bones in such areas as building regional staff infrastructure, planned growth, communications and marketing, model implementation, and growing the financial resources to ensure that thousands of children with chronic and life threatening illnesses and the athletes who serve them live a life of hope and purpose.