Family Independence Initiative (FII)


Project Scope

  • Campaign Development + Activation
  • Design + Creative


Approximately 10.5% of people living in the United States are experiencing poverty, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this crisis. Built from a family-centered and data-driven approach, Family Independence Initiative (FII) has been at the center of addressing this issue with a community-led movement that trusts and invests in the initiative of hard-working individuals and families to lift themselves out of poverty. At the outset of the pandemic, FII quickly responded by deploying $100 million through FII’s UpTogether technology platform to over 200,000 households across all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia as part of the #GiveTogetherNow campaign. In order to capture the impact of these investments, FII launched a survey to determine people’s needs, learn how people used the funds, and gather information on where the long-term gaps for support remain. Mission Partners collaborated with FII to amplify their effective approach to tackling poverty, especially during COVID-19, with the Make Poverty Escapable campaign. The campaign was designed to spotlight real experiences of families during COVID-19 and challenge philanthropic and policy leaders to take action in support of economic mobility for all. 


  • Through a detailed audit, we crafted recommendations on how to create a strong, unified brand presence that creates reciprocal recognition between FII and its widely-recognized platform, UpTogether.
  • We developed the comprehensive COVID-19 Impact Report (CIR) detailing how FII utilized the UpTogether platform to invest directly in people, highlight outcomes, and provide a call to action for the work that remains.
  • To expand FII’s digital presence and promote the CIR, Mission Partners launched a social media campaign, designed a landing page to house the report, and executed a virtual roundtable event featuring community partners and FII member families from Austin, TX and Boston, MA. 
  • Mission Partners built a strategy to help FII connect with market-based influencers, reach key audiences to spark new partnerships, and ensure FII was at the forefront of the national conversation around economic mobility 


  • The CIR has had over 4,500 unique views.
  • The CIR allowed FII to leverage new partnerships, new funding sources, and share their approach with key audiences.
  • FII saw increased social media engagement by 1-2x on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Relationships with key influencers were developed and sustained through targeted outreach, leading to new connections in FII’s pipeline from the sectors that matter most to their mission. 
  • FII’s internal capacity was increased, with Mission Partners serving as a natural extension of their team through social media content development and campaign execution

COVID-19 Impact Report

Mock up of the FII Covid-19 Relief report

Make Poverty Escapable Landing Page

mock up of the Make Poverty Escapable Landing page

#MakePovertyEscapable Social Graphics

Examples of the graphics created for the Make Poverty Escapable social media campaign