The de Beaumont Foundation


The Challenge: The field of public health has a communications problem. How can one well-respected foundation carve out its space in the market?

Assessing A Foundation’s Brand & Perceptions

The de Beaumont Foundation is a public health foundation that was founded in 1998 and reached its full endowment in 2014. By 2018, the Foundation had taken significant steps towards accomplishing its mission to strengthen and transform public health in the United States, but it had largely operated under the radar—especially outside the field of public health—with little emphasis on communicating its work publicly.

In early 2018, leadership recognized that the Foundation was at a pivotal moment in its history, and that they needed to invest in communications to achieve future success as a high-impact foundation. In late April, the de Beaumont Foundation hired Mission Partners to take stock in its brand: how it was perceived; how its work was understood; and if the words it used to define its mission, vision, values, and purpose were clear, credible, and compelling so that the brand could be understood internally and externally and communicated consistently.

Audit & Analysis

Mission Partners conducted a thorough audit and analysis of the Foundation materials—as well as those of organizations in the Foundation’s peer set—which included:

  • An online review inclusive of content and design of websites, blogs, video, e-newsletter, and social media channels, including a detailed review of the entire website.
  • A review inclusive of content and design of reports, brochures, presentations, and infographics.
  • A review of past announcements, including press releases, events, and social media.
  • A review of materials for the Foundation’s six partner initiative, including how effectively the Foundation’s brand was portrayed within each initiative

Mission Partners used its proprietary brand audit scorecard to evaluate each piece on clarity of intent, audience clarity, message clarity, and brand positioning. Social media and web content were reviewed for metrics including followers, engagement, and clear calls-to-action. Between April 23, 2018 and May 25, 2018, Mission Partners conducted the assessment that resulted in a 43-page report, which detailed the research findings, and identified short- and long-term opportunities for the organization to improve the clarity and effectiveness of its materials, strengthen its overall brand presence, and better distinguish itself among other leading foundations.