AIDS United


In the spring of 2012, AIDS United enlisted Carrie Fox and her team to help establish the organization’s position as a thought leader regarding the policy solutions necessary to end the national AIDS epidemic, and to raise awareness and Congressional support for HIV funding in the U.S. South. We developed a targeted media campaign to support a set of Congressional roundtable discussions hosted by AIDS United, ensuring that our message was heard loud and clear in the districts and home states of four key policymakers. We also developed an infographic entitled The Epicenter of New Infections: Examining the HIV/AIDS crisis in the Southern U.S., which highlighted the increasingly disproportionate number of new HIV diagnoses in the South. We developed a media strategy focusing on elevating the infographic nationally, and in the four media markets represented by the four members of Congress. In addition, we sought to engage a national, publication to run an op‐ed authored by AIDS United’s Ronald Johnson. We secured a positive, comprehensive and front page feature story in USA Today (“Many AIDS cases, few HIV specialists in South,” June 18, 2012), which was then picked up by dozens of other Gannett‐owned publications. That momentum created even more opportunities in alternate channels, such as a follow up broadcast story on the Raleigh‐Durham ABC affiliate, WTVD‐TV. Additionally, we secured a feature story and prominent visibility of the infographic with Fast Company Co. Exist (“This is where the HIV epidemic is running rampant in the U.S.,” June 19, 2012). We secured interviews in all four of our targeted regional outlets for this campaign, and coverage in two of our three national media target outlets. In total, our efforts resulted in 62 articles (print, broadcast, or online) and 33 million media impressions. We also placed an op‐ed on, on behalf of Ronald Johnson. (“Save Lives. End the HIV Stigma.” July 19, 2012) At the close of our contract, the client noted that our efforts exceeded expectations and built AIDS United’s local and national profile as a critical provider of funding and services to ensure that Americans living with HIV/AIDS have access to the prevention and care services they need and deserve.