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How to Evolve Business and Development Strategies Through COVID-19

By: Carrie Fox, Mission Partners CEO + Jessica Hassanzadeh, Mission Partners Managing Director In a COVID-19 world, our opportunities to connect with others outside of our current teams and family members are limited. People are seeking new…
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Sticking Together, While Staying Apart

By: Carrie Fox, Mission Partners CEO Is it just me or is 2020 turning out to be much more complicated than any one of us could have imagined? It’s Tuesday, March 17. Our kids should be in school. Our employees should be in the conference…
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Just Business

By: Arron Neal, Mission Partners CSO + Carrie Fox, Mission Partners CEO When we’re asked what it means to be a Certified B Corporation®, we often tell people that our business model sits between that of a traditional for-profit business…
A Black person writing in a notebook
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The Words Matter

By Elena Hilton One of my favorite movies of the past few years is Arrival, which stars Amy Adams as a linguistics professor who’s recruited to figure out how to communicate with aliens that have landed on Earth. I’m not one for sci-fi…
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The Power of Equitable Design (And 3 Tips to Become a More Inclusive Communicator)

By Eleni Stamoulis “Design creates culture.” One of my professors from grad school said this to my class when teaching us about the ethics of graphic design. He then showed us national campaigns he designed that sexualized women or…
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Four Ways that Organizations Miss the Mark on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts

At Mission Forward®, we create transformational trainings that model what is possible in the world. We believe that the future will be inclusive and just. 
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On Brave Actions and Bold Speak

By Carrie Fox   Above my youngest daughter’s bed hangs a framed sign that reads “Be Brave”. My husband and I were intentional in hanging that sign, and we remain focused on instilling its message in our children: to stand…
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The 5.5 Million Women Protest in Kerala You Should Have Heard About

By Becky George On New Year’s Day,  our world experienced a beautiful display of women standing together in solidarity against gender inequity.  Reports state millions of people in Kerala, India stood together to create a literal 385…
What the New Year Brings to You Will Depend a Great Deal on What You Bring to the New Year

Time to Begin Again

Another year has arrived and with it, millions of little moments to start anew. New routines. New commitments. New projects that will surely pull us in all sorts of directions. But isn’t that the beauty of new beginnings? We get a fresh start,…
people walking across a busy intersection

Do I Belong Here?

Last month, NBC News’ Generation Latino blog published the story of 18-year old Jason Mero, who headed off to Brown University this fall, “proudly staking claim to his Latinx heritage, but mindful that the sacrifices his immigrant parents…