The Ultimate Intersection

As the avid reader of the intersection would know — and we know you’re out there — the intersection brings to light the insights and ideas that move missions forward with an eye on the role communications plays or can play in the process. Nearly always, our posts involve an issue area or technical communications element that the C.Fox team knows deeply and works on daily.

So when I stumbled upon this story on BloombergBusiness I really couldn’t believe what I was reading. With each paragraph I read, the intersections with the kinds of issues we work on and the kinds of people we work to help, multiplied. From climate change, to supporting underserved populations, to business collaboration, to engineering know how, to solutions for sustainable communities, to entrepreneurship, and finally to giving people a chance, the intersections seemed to never end. All of that in a piece not even 800 words in length about shade balls. That’s right. Shade balls. Tens of millions of hermetically sealed, polyethylene spheres of engineering wisdom that are now floating in the reservoirs of Los Angeles to ward off the evaporation of precious water in California.

But it’s the story of the entrepreneur, the risks she took, the people she wanted to help, and her purpose that we thought were insightful and inspiring. And it’s the kind of interconnectedness of issues and mission that we knew intersection readers would enjoy simply on face value. So give it a read. We think you’ll enjoy it.

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