Like Mom Always Said

As Managing Director, I enjoy the chance to regularly pen our weekly intersection column. But this week, as I set about that honor, I kept getting distracted by my Mother’s Day to do list. And then it hit me, like an under-inflated pass between the numbers from Tom Brady (What? Too soon?). Mom was my first great influence in learning the art of communication.

Informal? Sure. Basic? Sometimes. Vital? Without a doubt.

Considering how much I learned from my mom (let’s be honest, she taught me how to speak!), why wouldn’t communication be high up on the list? Where would I even be without the communications skills she taught me?

It was Mom who relentlessly quizzed me on my spelling at the breakfast table,
Mom who served as my first editor.

It was Mom who taught me the importance of being quiet, listening to my surroundings and absorbing information.

It was Mom who taught me not to slouch, to stand up straight, to project and be heard.

It was Mom who taught me the importance of sincerity and saying thank you.

It was Mom. Each time. Every time.

This week, and especially this Sunday, the intersection for me is about the early, positive influence of my mom. Without her early lessons and her guidance, I’m not sure what life would be like today. What I am sure of is that I’ve got some to do lists to tend to and some thanking to do.

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