When Big Ideas Come to Life

It’s always inspiring when you witness big ideas coming to life before your very eyes.  During our years at C.Fox, we’ve been privileged to help several organizations move some very big ideas, and missions, forward – particularly related to children and young adults.

Helping improve outcomes for disconnected youth has been one of my favorite areas of work, and a related career highlight came for me in 2014, when our team helped convene the National Summit on Authentic Youth Engagement in Chicago. It was a gathering of the nation’s most respected experts in the field of youth development – all of whom shared a commitment to authentically engaging young people in planning for adulthood, helping others, and shaping their communities.

We heard from many visionary national leaders, like Steve Perry, Judy Vredenburgh, John Gomperts, and Paul Schmitz.  But my favorite quote from that remarkable event came from a young woman named Crystal who had been involved in the foster care system as a teen. She summed it up so perfectly: “Let’s see young people not as a problem to be solved, but an asset to be developed.”

There’s another admirable leader who has championed this concept and truly “walked the walk” in developing young people as the assets they are: Bill Milliken.

In 1970, when Milliken was a youth advocate in New York City, he came up with the idea of bringing community resources inside public schools. One of his secrets: the power of nurturing relationships. Today, the organization he founded, Communities in Schools, bills itself as “the largest, most effective dropout prevention organization dedicated to keeping kids in school and helping them to succeed.”

I’m delighted that Bill will join my colleague Carrie Fox for an intimate and thought-provoking conversation on November 15 at the Chronicle of Philanthropy offices here in Washington, DC as part of our ongoing #MissionForward series.

A limited number of seats remain, and I hope you will join us for this very special conversation to hear Bill’s latest big idea, and learn how his way of thinking can help all of us who share his passion for building better futures for kids.

Register today to join us.