Ron Erickson

Office Manager/Executive Assistance

Ron joined the Mission Partners team in early 2017 bringing nearly twenty years of management experience to the group. Ron oversees the day-to-day operations as office manager in addition to serving as executive assistant to the company founders. He previously worked in a similar capacity with a local technology firm that addressed the needs of clients who sought to increase traffic to their respective websites through search engine optimization. Ron often worked directly with clients to ensure that their needs were heard and understood. Prior to that, Ron was also the office manager for a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the masses with regard to the stray and feral cat issue. He also frequently engaged with their extensive donor base to assist them with cat-related issues in their areas. In both of these endeavors, Ron was able to put his administrative background to good use in offering support to his colleagues with solid communication and organizational skills.

Ron lives in Rockville, MD with his wife and four rescue cats. He is a passionate advocate for animal welfare and has fostered numerous rescues as well as helping to place them in forever homes. In addition to spending time with his extensive family, Ron is an avid music fan who enjoys playing guitar and enjoying all that life has to offer.